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Mast and aerial photography...

Architectural photography in particular can be distinguishing by getting alternative angles by providing low altitude aerial images producing a stunning viewpoint.

Low altitude imaging is the finishing touch to a wide range of marketing tools an ideas.

The technology has been around for decades, the elevated viewpoint offered by telescopic masts/poles can still create arresting and powerful imagery for marketing and project documentation today. What's more, the telescopic mast can go places that no other Aerial Photography platform can go – particularly in congested built-up areas where regulations and safety to the public prevent drones from being used.

Our elevated mast photography service is produced using our professional cameras and lenses on a portable 10 metre telescopic mast.

This mast based pole photography system is controlled at ground level and provides a superior and exciting perspective of any building and development whether exterior or interior.

We also have a 25 metre van mounted mast available for elevated photography commissions when necessary.

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Mast and Aerial Photography

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Commercial Photography

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