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Commercial Photography

An eye for a great shot and creativity are just two of the key qualities that make a great commercial photographer. So, whether you have a detailed brief or would like us to bring a unique vision to your client’s project, you’ll find we have the experience and expertise to deliver consistently superior results.  


At Kevin Osborne Photography, we understand that creative flair and technical expertise are only part of the picture. Managing relationships is essential when working on complex, time-sensitive projects. With an ability to blend with your team, you will find our supportive and flexible approach refreshingly different.


Simple, cost-effective video for properties and show homes.

We now offer an innovative new service for promotional videos. It’s designed for clients who want to showcase their properties on websites and in digital applications.

Corporate video production is a powerful tool for any company to have in its sales and marketing mix. Dynamic images can present your properties and show homes in their best light. They can also be used to present the properties location and surrounding attractions, helping customers to buy into the lifestyle. So you can enhance your proposition and add more value than your competitors.

Mast and Aerial Photography

Low altitude aerial images provide stunning angles and viewpoints, particularly for architectural photography. Telescopic masts and poles also create arresting, powerful imagery and can be used in places that other aerial photography platforms can’t go, such as built-up areas where the use of drones is prohibited.

Our elevated mast photography service uses professional cameras and lenses on a portable 10-metre telescopic mast. The system is controlled at ground level for a superior, exciting perspective of any building or development, inside or out.  

A 25-metre van mounted mast is available for commissions when necessary.

Visionary images

Kevin has travelled the globe photographing the amazing diversity of life on our planet. With a passion to explore and understand the world in which we live, his exceptional ability to capture the essence of life on Earth has produced an extensive portfolio of some truly remarkable images.

His travels have taken him from Antarctica to Bhutan and from Laos to Uganda. As an award-winning photographer with 20 years’ experience, he records the real lives, cultural environments, natural world and stunning landscapes of some of the world’s most fascinating places.

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